Agrado Guest House

Our Story

The house later became the headquarters for Oaxaca's Radio Station, giving a voice to those who felt opressed by the government of the time.

Unfortunately, the Radio Station changed location not long after and the house was left vacant for almost 20 years.

Despite the abandonment, the house withstood proudly the passing of time.

A dream come true

After traveling all around the world and living in different countries, Arturo discovered the house. It was love at first sight. He was determined to fully restore the vitality and beauty she had lost.

After extensive renovations the house was ready to receive guests, just like in the old times.

Nowadays, Agrado Guest House has become a venue for Cultural events in Oaxaca, like the celebrations of the "Vela Muxhe", musical concerts with local and traveling artists, etc.

Most importantly, Agrado Guest House has become the place where travelers feel at home, comfortable and welcome.

Find yourself at home.